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Far to early break.

For the last few weeks all I wanted to do was stop training as I was mentally done for the year and my performances where getting worse and worse and they did not start very well. Now I am in my break and I kind of want to start running again, I am essentially really bored. I have come to realize I do nothing and running gives me a purpose. Luckily I am in sunny Hastings and have some great friends to hang out, so I am spending my holiday at home. But I do not think I would rather be anywhere else. Filling my days is not too difficult and I always have football manager as my fall back so always have something to do. Tuning Aston Villa into the power house they deserve to be is my main job right now, I put in a 9 to 5 shift most days. If only it was real. I just need to tell Alex McCleish to go out and sign a few choice young players and we will be Premier and Champions League winners in five years.

Hastings is by the sea and the last two years has an annual pirate day. This is a simple but brilliant idea. Thousands of people dress up as pirates and head towards the old town and seafront. Last year ended with me saying I will not be here next year as I will be getting ready for the World Championships. That obviously did not materialize but I made the same statement again this year. I am officially ruling myself out of pirate day 2012 as it is during the Olympics. You heard it here first. I am retiring my pirate hat for a while.


I am currently taking at least 3 weeks maybe more of training to recover from the season and hopefully fix whatever has been my problem this year. Its extremely frustrating now that my 2011 season is over I am really anxious to get the 2012 campaign under way. I cannot wait to get back out to America and put in some miles, some tempos and probably some hills if Ron gets his way (which he of course will). This year of underperformance and disappointment has made me really focused and determined to get things right next year and achieve what I think I am capable of and represent GB at the Olympics. It has hit me how huge it is t have the Olympics 60 miles away from where I was born and spent the majority of my life in. In the words of Brandon Bethke ‘im super pumped’.

The Trials

Figured I would get the old blog back on as I have nothing else to do. I am running out of ways to fill up my days. Last weekend was the Uk world championships trials. This year did not go well, for the first time ever I did not make out of my heat. After being in the top 5 the last two years I was really disappointed with this. But I just had nothing, I executed my race well put myself in position but just had nothing when it came to it at the end of the race. Extremely disappointing but I am kind of just glad it is all over and I can regroup and get ready to run fast in 2012.

All in all the weekend was actually really enjoyable other than the racing. Team New Balance where there in fall force and NB set up a hotel for all of us. Was good to see all the boys, despite the fact that the guys are all essentially my rivals we all get on great and consider all of them friends. New Balance with the help of Kimbia athletics are producing a British Miler documentary series following the British milers with their build up to London 2012. It is really exciting to be part of this project. Hearing about it in a meeting up in Birmingham got me really excited for the 2012 campaign. I am looking at my early season finish as a potential bonus as it means my base training for the Olympics can start a few months earlier and I am really determined to make next year my best ever.

Not making the final for the first time freed up my Sunday, my Mum and Dad where up watching so instead of being in my room sleeping all day getting ready to race I could be a tourist. The highlight of the tourist day was a trip to the home of the greatest football team in the world Aston Villa fortress k Villa Park. The intensions of this trip were to go to the club shop bud unfortunately it was closed. So just did a lap of the stadium. Saw an open gate and just wandered on to the pitch. I have had a thousand day dreams about playing for the Villa at this ground was great to be pitch side. Did no look anywhere near as big as I thought it would be but a great ground with a lot of history. I am hoping to get up there before I head back over to the States for a home game. No sport in the world can rival live premiership football.